Autoimmune Plant Based

"The Autoimmune Plant Based Cookbook" is here!

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The Cookbook

The Autoimmune Plant Based Cookbook is available on Amazon and Kindle! Thank you for your amazing reviews and testimonials. We appreciate hearing from you!


Recipes to Decrease Pain, Optimize Health, and Maximize Your Quality of Life




Meet The Authors

Dr. Joyce Choe, MD, MPH and Mercy Ballard, RN

If you are struggling with debilitating symptoms, Mercy Ballard and Dr. Joyce Choe understand. For years, they struggled with their own symptoms, unable to find answers. Both had adhered to whole food plant-based diets and were amazed to discover that they had developed sensitivities to many foods that they were eating. They determined to discover safe, plant based methods to recover their health. Their journey with autoimmune disease caused them to see the enormity of the autoimmune epidemic and fueled their desire to help others suffering through similar experiences to find answers.

"Mercy and Dr. Joyce have done the seemingly impossible: minimized the complexity of an autoimmune recovery diet while, at the same time, maximizing taste, convenience, and variety! I highly recommend the “Autoimmune Plant Based Cookbook” for those wanting a practical way to succeed in their wellness goals!" --Ron Meinhardt, BSN, RN, Speaker/ Director of Health is Life, Inc.

“The Autoimmune Plant Based Cookbook is a clarion, scientific, and evidence-based call back to our origins--whole organic foods with increased nutrition.” --William H. Sweatt, MD, Gulf Coast Gastroenterology